Fur Baby

This is Milo, our fur baby. After feeling pretty discouraged for some time, I managed to somehow convince the landlord to let us get a kitty. I adopted him from a local rescue just under two months ago, and he’s about two years old. He’s really the best cat we could have possibly asked for; he cuddles, he’s well-behaved, very social, and definitely a great companion. I know some animal rescues have the saying, “Who rescued who?” and it may be kind of corny in a way but I really think it’s true. Many people don’t realize how therapeutic having a pet for a companion can be. I did a speech on it in college and was really surprised by how beneficial pets can be– they can lower blood pressure, lower anxiety, help with depression, or even just be companions to the lonely. I have noticed a difference in my outlook since adopting our kitty, and I’m so glad I took that risk and proposed the idea to my landlord (I almost talked myself out of it).

ImageHe looks so pissed! This was taken at the rescue.

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