Waiting on a house

Not much is new in the TTC world, just waiting it out til my appointment on Monday so we can plan for the next cycle. Can’t remember if I wrote anything since, but again I had no response to the Femara. Well, seems like some kind of response, but not enough to ovulate.

In other news, we went and got pre-approved for a mortgage and have started the hunt for a home. We made an offer on a house on Wednesday and are still waiting to hear back. It’s a nice little house, owned by an old couple who has lived there for 49 years. The home has been very well-maintained, though a little outdated in the kitchen and bath. We made what we think was a fair offer, but we’ll see when we hear back. It had been on the market for over a month (which is actually a while considering the current market and that particular price range). It’s such an emotional, ups-and-downs type situation. I feel like I’m in the two-week-wait of house-hunting. Only it shouldn’t take two weeks, of course! Nonetheless, we have an awesome agent. He’s older and has been in the business for some time now, very honest and friendly. Way better than the real estate agent we worked with the first time around. (We never actually bought a house, we eventually turned to renting and ditched him).

That’s about all that’s going on around here, hoping we’ll get this house. We could customize everything how we want, and the location is better and more accessible to freeways, which is important in my husband’s trade. So say a prayer and wish us luck, really hoping for this one!


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