On to the next!

Well, our offer on the house fell through. Basically feel like it was pulled out from under our feet. We weren’t informed that there were multiple offers (which is basically common courtesy between realtors) and they accepted a cash offer. Who buys a house that price for cash? Seriously, just have a spare chunk of change laying around? If I had $90,000 cash laying around, I would use part of it for a down payment on a house and hold on to some of that for safety, then spend some on renovations. They must have more than just that though. Oh well, on to the next. I had a feeling about it later on though, like a sort of bad feeling. Something wasn’t right. I would prefer a bigger yard and a kitchen and bath that are already nicely redone, so I guess it doesn’t totally break my heart. But I’m still a little pissed, I didn’t expect that. Well, just hoping and praying. We’ll be in the right place eventually.

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