Quick Drop-In

Wow it’s been a while, again. We just got internet on Saturday and there’s been a ton of other stuff going on too. We are almost completely moved into the house and been living here two weeks. It’s been pretty nice. We have until July 5th to get out of the other house, so we have some riffraff stuff left over that needs to just get thrown in a box and moved. We went to Art Van yesterday and got a nice sectional from the clearance center for the living room; since the basement is finished we put the old couch down there. The new couch matches an ottoman we bought from the clearance center two years ago to match the couch we originally bought and had to exchange since it wouldn’t fit into our house or door. Unfortunately that stuff isn’t returnable so we were stuck with this unmatching ottoman… it sat in the basement. So good to put it to use since I think it was about $250 (it’s big!). We still haven’t painted yet and are still debating whether to do it ourselves or save some stress and pay someone to do it for us.

As you can probably tell, not a whole lot of time to think about TTC or infertile things. I still manage to think of it nearly every day in some way or another, just pops up in my thoughts. We’re not actively seeking treatment or anything, I’m not temping or charting anything. Just the “whatever happens, happens” approach that probably won’t yield any results. Tuesday I’m going to see my regular doctor because I think I’ve got some serious emotional stuff going on right now. It’s not like I haven’t been depressed before, but I think I’m at a point where I need something (again). It’s the massive amounts of stress combined with underlying issues, such as infertility stuff. So I’m taking this route through my primary care physician in the hopes that they can just help direct me somewhere, maybe get some therapy. I can’t just keep acting like I’m fine all the time because it’s evident I’m not when I get irritated so easily. I snap at my husband sometimes, and that’s not good. I never anticipated the amount of heartache and sometimes hopelessness that comes along with trying to have kids, but then again it’s the infertility that does it all. Well, this concludes my Debbie Downer entry and update for the day! 

2 thoughts on “Quick Drop-In

  1. I hope your appt tomorrow goes well and you’ll be able to get some help soon. I’m sorry things are tough right now. I know there’s nothing I can do but just wanted to mention that something I’ve found that helps me feel a bit better when I have bad days is being part of The Bump’s Trouble Trying to Conceive board. I’m not sure if you’ve looked into it or not but it’s a very supportive and thoughtful group of women that always make me feel better and make me feel understood when I most need it. You’ll be in my thoughts!

    • Hey, the appointment did go well. Thank you for your support. That was a pretty bad day, I am feeling better/more hopeful now. I had wanted to be a part of 3T but I felt intimidated for a while, like maybe I didn’t belong there yet or something. I have been away from TB for a long time (mainly because I got sick of the posts on TTGP! “Am I pregnant? I farted and it smelled purple.”…etc. There’s only so much stupid one can take.) Thank you again though, I really appreciate the support!

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