a bit better

I’m doing a little bit better, I think. I left work early today, that could be good or bad. I think they understood. I didn’t really say what was wrong, just that I wasn’t feeling good. Which being a woman in her mid-twenties, I think that automatically makes most people assume pregnancy (my boss even mentioned upset stomach). I’m very much not pregnant. The cats are not doing so well so far. I thought they were ok until Milo, my older cat, sprayed the wall this morning. So that was discouraging. I was running late, stressed out, and just worried we were going to have to get rid of both the cats. I don’t know why I jump to worst case scenario. Anyhow, he seems to be better right now. I have separated them and will slowwwwwllly re-introduce them. I need to just really take my time. I looked up some tips online; introducing cats is not easy. It all depends on their personalities. So hopefully we can take it slow and everyone will be happy, and we won’t have to say goodbye to any pets. On a different note, I am trying to look into counseling. I think almost anyone can benefit from counseling, and it’s good to have that outside opinion. It’s just hard to find anyone it seems. I called one place already (I was put off when I called last year too) and they expect you to walk in for an initial evaluation before 2pm on certain days of the week. It just seems like a huge place, I’m not really feeling that. So we’ll see. I just feel like it’d be easier to work through the multitude of things I have going on to get an outside opinion.

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