Back on the Bloggy Train?

I just popped in to update a little!

I am loving the new job. It is really something to come into work and do what I’ve been waiting so long to do, what I’ve spent so much time training for and hours studying for. And I think I’ve been catching on rather quick!

We’re finally completely moved in to this house, though not unpacked. We finished that up on Saturday and got a good chunk of our security deposit back.

In other news, I bought the Summer Meal Plan from PCOS Diva (haven’t heard of her? She’s definitely worth a Google.) and so far, I feel pretty darn good. I bet I would feel better if I stuck to it better, but the past few days I’ve really been short on time. Getting back on track, and when I say that I fell off track, it really wasn’t that bad. I’ve made a conscious effort to have a salad every day, pretty much for lunch (with meat of some kind on it, of course).  I do feel like I have more energy, and I’ve lost a few pounds (which unfortunately is still above what I was at last year after my weight loss kick). I’m working to make a lifestyle change as opposed to being “on a diet”. In the process, I am trying all kinds of new vegetables and fruits, along with adding flax seed to many different things. It’s good! So I am really excited about that. And (you would think I was getting paid to say all this, but trust me, I don’t get enough hits on this blog for that kind of thing) the recipes are AMAZING! I’ve been making homemade salad dressings, I had some excellent black bean burgers, the homemade sauces are really unique and tasty. I’m just super excited about this right now.

I’m trying to change what I eat and get back on the Metformin in the hopes that *maybe* I can regulate my cycle, have a little more energy, lose some weight, and feel better about myself. If possible, a little ovulation here and there wouldn’t hurt either. I’m sick of being overweight, feeling frumpy, and just dealing with it. I am making small steps to get more physical activity, but I haven’t been going to the gym (seriously lacking the time right now) but once things settle down, I’ll be hopping on that bandwagon as well.

One thought on “Back on the Bloggy Train?

  1. Yay, you! I’m excited for you! You are convincing me to maybe buy the PCOS Diva food plan as well. I looked into it about 6 mos ago but never went back to it – maybe I’ll reconsider.
    I’m pretty sure I found you on MFP so I sent a mssg (at least, I hope it was you 🙂
    PS – Thanks for commiserating on my last sucky blog post. It really does help to not feel alone in all this.

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